Question by imsoverygood: What would cause and allergic reaction to Glucosamine Condroitin? Dye free?
I received a sample of move free. I had an allergic reaction to it (hives). My pharmacists suggested it might be the dye they use in the casule and suggested a dye free sample so I tried it. The rash was worse.
I am not allergic to anything I know of. I was trying it because my joints have been bothering me and Ithought it might help.

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Answer by Paula B
You might be allergic to the glucosamine itself, which is usually made from the shells of shrimp or other shellfish, or to the chondroitin, which is made from pig, cow, or shark cartilage.

An allergy to sulfur is unlikely. Sulfur is found in almost all protein-containing foods, such as eggs and beans.

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Concern by Laurie: Can I take legal action against a vitamin company for having an actually bad allergy to the tablet?
Last evening prior to I went to sleep, I took a vitamin called MSN from (trador joes) for the first time. About 2 hours later, I kept waking up in the middle of the night and itching. I switched on my light and I’ve caught a huge rash all over my body. My body was burning, itching fast, my legs became swollen later as well as the joints on my arms. I went to the emergency space the doctor stated it was an allergenic reaction. My diet plan is constantly the exact same, I did not consume anything out of the common at all, nor did I consume anything prior to I went to rest. As quickly as I took that vitamin, 2 hours later the rash came. Can I sue?

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Response by Sandy
No, you bought the vitamins and you knew their content. It’s not their fault you disliked them.

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Question by zymer5: What are the response items when mixing DMSO and bleach?
DMSO = dimethyl sulfoxide
bleach = salt hypochlorite; 5 % aqueous

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Response by Methyl Magic
The items would be dimethyl sulfone, (CH3)2SO2, and NaCl. At the same time, the ClO- from the bleach has actually transferred its oxygen atom to the DMSO. Though I’m not particular if 5 % bleach is focused enough to do the job.

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